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Supporting the Year 7 (entry) level of the Australian Curriculum for Japanese, the Insight Languages Yonde Kaite Secondary Beginners Workbook has been updated to appeal
to a modern audience of Australian secondary students and teachers.

Containing material to help students to develop vocabulary, understand sentence construction and master hiragana using correct stroke order, this book is an ideal entry-level
workbook for secondary students interested in Japanese.

Language topics cover a variety of subjects aimed at early learners, while writing lessons build students’ knowledge and skills progressively throughout the book. Engaging and varied revision and assessment lessons are included to help to track students’ progress.


  • Four sections, covering language, writing, revision and assessment.
  • Tips and strategies from Yonde Kaite mascots Pipi-chan and Fifi-chan, to guide students.
  • Hiragana chart and vocabulary wordlist.
  • Striking manga-style illustrations.