Yonde Kaite Resources

Japanese Songs for Primary Students

Lyrics and raps by Anne Rajakumar; Musical arrangement by Ross Calia

Sing along to these catchy Japanese うた! Rap around the world on Song 9 or rock out to the Tell-the-Time Rock on Song 7. Learn to introduce yourself with the self-introduction rap (Song 8), then discover all about Pipi-chan and Fifi-chan’s wild journey on the final song.

Song 1 – The Counting Song
Song 2 – The Rainbow Song
Song 3 – The Body Song
Song 4 – The Transportation Rap
Song 5 – The Days of the Week Rock
Song 6 – Hiragana Rap
Song 7 – The Tell-the-Time Rock
Song 8 – The Self-Introduction Rap
Song 9 – Rapping Around the World
Song 10 – The Weather Song
Song 11 – The Table Manners Rap
Song 12 – The Yen Song
Song 13 – The Sentence Pattern Song
The Counting Song – Music Only
The Rainbow Song – Music Only
The Body Song – Music Only
The Transportation Rap – Music Only
The Days of the Week Rock – Music Only
Hiragana Rap – Music Only
The Tell-the-Time Rock – Music Only
The Self-Introduction Rap – Music Only
Rapping Around the World – Music Only
The Weather Song – Music Only
The Table Manners Rap – Music Only
The Yen Song – Music Only
The Sentence Pattern Song – Music Only