Yonde Kaite – Japanese Language Workbooks

The fun way to learn Japanese

The Yonde Kaite series feature six Primary Workbooks, one Secondary Beginners Workbook, three Teachers’ Resource Books and – coming in early 2019 – all-new flashcards.

This contemporary and playful redesign celebrates content that has fostered a love of Japanese learning in Australia for 20 years. With striking new manga-style illustrations and a clear, vibrant layout, the Yonde Kaite series continues to be the go-to Japanese-learning resource for Australian primary students and teachers.

Begin the journey today with Yonde Kaite mascots Pipi-chan and Fifi-chan, your guides to fun language instruction!

Fifi Chan

Each student workbook features:

  • Language Lessons to develop vocabulary and understanding of sentence construction, with extension lessons for quick learners
  • Revision and Assessment Lessons to consolidate students’ understanding
  • Writing Lessons, with tracing exercises showing the correct stroke order for each character, to progressively build students’ writing skills
  • Wordlists and Hiragana Charts for easy reference (from Level 2 onwards).

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